About me


Time to make!a little filing!work in progresscollection of pliers

I've always been fascinated by the process of making, from hastily constructed models and knitted characters as a child through the creative process of cooking and recipe writing and of late the exploration into jewellery design.  I still delight in the fact that the process of making can throw up the unexpected.

I work predominantly in silver but also find alternative materials intriguing.  Finding ways to add them to my designs is a key part of the process.  In particular colouring aluminium, adding flexible rubber coatings and casting resin.  I'm always looking for new materials, a discarded colourful drinks mat, a piece of rubber tubing, bike gear cables to play a small but essential role in my jewellery designs.

Colour is fundamental to my practice, I love to include a playful hint of vivid pink or fluorescent green to enhance the beauty of silver, reflect the light and catch the eye.  I love natural sculptural forms, the essence of a shape and the shadows it may cast.  My work reflects my response to forms from every day life, a love of architecture, objects, colour and light.  Designs are simple but strong, with emphasis on line, shape and form whilst keeping true to organic curve and contour.